Foster’s Voice Scholarship

This scholarship was created by the family of Foster Atwood in order to provide a financial scholarship to students of good character. This one-time $1,000 scholarship will be awarded annually to one UTHS senior and one high school senior who attends any other HS in the greater Quad Cities (within 40 mile radius); who plans to further his or her education in a field that aims to help others live a better life.

Foster Atwood graduated from United Township High School in 2016.   At UT, Foster took a criminal justice class and went on to study law enforcement at Blackhawk College with the intention of becoming a police officer; Foster’s long-term goal was to become a detective. In Foster’s honor, Foster’s Voice will award this scholarship to students whose focus is to help others.

List of Requirements

High School student in senior standing
2.5 or higher GPA
Aspiration of wanting to fulfill a career of helping others (medical, psychology, law enforcement/fire, education, etc.)
Provide a letter of recommendation from either a faculty/staff member at high school OR a manager from previous or current employment.
Complete the application, type essay and turn in all materials by April 1st (in person, to school, email, or mail are all accepted)
Good character will be considered over academic record!