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Foster's Voice Suicide Awareness brochure.

Foster Care’s Fund

What can we do to reduce the negative impacts for those who experience long appointment wait times for mental health therapy? Since Foster passed, that has been the primary topic we hoped to find a solution for, and how the Foster Care’s Fund was founded.  The Foster Care’s Fund was proudly established in partnership with Foster’s Voice, The Gray Matters Collective, and QC Counselor; after the Quad Cities area came together to raise over $40,000 at the very first Starry Night Gala in 2022!

Anyone in need of financial assistance, is eligible to utilize this fund. (If you have insurance, but can’t afford your copay/deductible, yes, even YOU can use this fund!) Matt, and his team at QC Counselor in Davenport, IA have set out to make this as seamless and easy of a process for you as possible. Simply call their office at 563-424-2016 or email GetHelp@QCCounselor.com , and let them know you would like to set up an appointment using the Foster Care’s Fund. They will take it from there.

The Foster Care’s Fund is 100% funded by your donations and fundraising through our annual Starry Night Gala. If you are passionate about mental health and wish to support this specific fund, donate to our 2023 Starry Night Gala here: https://givebutter.com/StarryNightGala2023